Looking For Superior Ventilation? Consider These 3 Window Types

Looking For Superior Ventilation? Consider These 3 Window Types

Looking For Superior Ventilation? Consider These 3 Window Types In your home, windows primarily offer ventilation and natural light, both of which are necessary. The summertime is a time when this is especially true. Imagine your home having no windows at all. In addition to being an uncomfortable situation, the lack of ventilation would be harmful to your health. On some days, it gets so hot that not even mechanical ventilation can keep the air moving well.

One issue is natural air, but what about homeowners who want good outdoor lighting without the heat? It would be ideal to replace your old, inadequately ventilating windows with new ones that are at least ten years old at this time.

Casement Windows

Casement windows offer the most ventilation direction and intensity control out of all window types. The Efficient Windows Collaborative claims that because casement window sashes can be opened into an airstream, breezes from outside can be directed into a particular space or room.

Our energy-efficient casement windows can also help you over time reduce your energy consumption and bill over in addition to providing better ventilation.

Awning Windows

Awning windows let in significantly more air and light than most other window types. Similar to the Marvin® Windows we install, these windows provide superior ventilation and are regarded as the highest performers on the market.

Our Marvin Windows have a multipoint locking system that provides simple cleaning and maintenance along with smooth operation. Awning windows are fantastic because they maximize unhindered views.

Double-Hung Windows

Due to the airflow within a room, double-hung windows can still provide natural ventilation even in the absence of outside air. Of course, the better, the more wind there is outside. But double-hung windows might be your best option if we’re talking about humid summer nights with limited mechanical ventilation options.

These windows have a ventilation system that lets hot air escape through the top opening while allowing cool, fresh air to enter from the bottom. This window will be more efficient if your ceiling is higher and your windows are taller. Your family and your home benefit from natural ventilation and lighting. Make sure your upcoming replacement windows can offer precisely that.

Quality Door And Window Replacement From Moldings Plus

Give our staff a call at (909) 947-3310 if you need assistance enhancing airflow in your bedroom or living room and would like help selecting new windows. For homes in your neighborhood, our crew of technicians offers dependable door installation and window replacement services.

With new windows, our staff will assist you in increasing the ventilation in your living space. Our window experts will be ready to help you as soon as you give us a call.