Noise Reduction Windows 101

Noise Reduction Windows 101

Noise Reduction Windows 101The most common issue that homeowners have with their neighbors is noise. Those whose homes are close to busy roadways also frequently have this problem. A noise-reducing window replacement would be a wise investment if the outside noise is so loud that it is beginning to interfere with your daily activities.

How can windows reduce noise from outside? And how do you pick a window for your house that reduces noise?

How Noise Can Be Reduced

Your entire house acts as a buffer against sound waves to some extent. Although the outside cannot entirely block out outside noise, you can reduce the amount that passes through the exterior by strengthening your windows.

Features of a Window that Reduces Noise

A manufacturer can improve a window’s ability to reduce noise in one of three ways: employing laminated glass, a type of glass having a plastic layer sandwiched between two panes, or increasing the thickness of the glass or the distance between window panes.

Assessing a Window’s Capabilities for Noise Reduction

By looking at a window’s STC (Sound Transition Class) rating, you may determine how well it can reduce noise. A window may block more noise as the higher its STC rating. The STC rating of the window you select should be equal to or higher than the normal STC value for that window type. For instance, select a window replacement with an STC rating of more than 26 if you require new single-pane windows (or 27 for double-pane windows).

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