Ready To Upgrade Your Front Door? Learn About The Best Materials You Can Choose From.

Ready To Upgrade Your Front Door? Learn About The Best Materials You Can Choose From.

Ready To Upgrade Your Front Door? Learn About The Best Materials You Can Choose From. Steel, fiberglass, and wood are the most commonly used materials for front or exterior doors. They can all effectively protect your home, but each has distinct advantages. For example, while fiberglass is more fashionable, steel is clearly more durable. As always, select the door material that best complements the architecture, personal style, and budget of your home.

Consider what you can add to a front door to make it more functional. Perhaps you’d like more natural light coming in? Sidelights or decorative glass can be added to your new door. Are storms a constant source of concern? Include a storm door as part of your upgrade. Whatever your requirement or concern, we will assist you in locating the ideal door for you.


Fiberglass entry doors are ideal for areas with harsh climates. This exterior door material requires the least amount of maintenance and does not warp or crack when exposed to extreme temperatures. Unlike steel or wood doors, they are also resistant to denting and scratching. So, if you want a long-lasting door material that requires little maintenance, fiberglass is the way to go!

Advantages of A Fiberglass Door

You can get an authentic wood look with fiberglass entry doors without the cost or maintenance of real wood. You can also easily add decorative glass to improve the curb appeal of your home. Every aspect of your door, including the colors, glass, trim, and hardware options, is chosen to achieve the desired look.

These lovely doors are designed to be highly energy-efficient, sturdy, and safe, with significantly greater durability and less maintenance than other materials. For many homeowners, fiberglass is an excellent choice.


For affordability and durability. Consider steel doors if you want long-lasting doors that are also secure and can withstand the elements. Steel doors are great for entryways, but they’re also a good option for garage doors or basement entry doors that don’t usually include a storm door for protection because they can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Steel doors typically conduct more heat than fiberglass doors.

Steel entry doors may conjure up images of bulky, cold-looking doors, but on the contrary, steel entry doors can truly shine in the design department. They come in smooth steel or wood grain texture steel. You can personalize your door by selecting from a variety of stains and paint finishes, as well as adding decorative glass to complete the look!

Advantages of A Steel Door

Steel doors are extremely durable. Some will not crack, dent, or warp. Steel doors can be more energy-efficient than wood doors, but this depends on the construction. Because of the strength of their material, they are generally safer doors and are a good option for homeowners who are concerned about security.

Steel entry doors are also cost-effective, but this is dependent on customization. Some special sizes are only available in steel because they are easier to construct. Steel doors are great for homeowners in general, but keep in mind that they can rust if not properly primed and painted, so they may necessitate a bit more maintenance.


Wood doors can be extremely high maintenance, less durable, and expensive to maintain. They also don’t work well in our Illinois climate, which includes heavy rain, snow, sleet, and high humidity.

We cannot deny their beauty and curb appeal, and we know that they are sometimes a great fit (for historical architecture). A fiberglass door, on the other hand, can provide the look and feel you’ve always desired. Remember that fiberglass doors provide a realistic representation of a wood door but are much easier to maintain and a better fit for our seasons.

If you still want a wood door, here are some things to think about. Unless you have a storm door or a covered entryway, this front door material may be more difficult to maintain. The wood door should also be kept out of direct sunlight because it will quickly lose its appearance if not properly maintained.

You should also have a high enough porch so that no water accumulates near your wood door. As you can see, the wood door is the most difficult to maintain even before you buy it.

Expert Help

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