What Is a Double-Paned (or Double-Glazed) Window?

What Is a Double-Paned (or Double-Glazed) Window?

What Is a Double-Paned (or Double-Glazed) Window?The more common and energy-efficient double-paned window has supplanted the earlier single-paned window, which only has one sheet of glass. Despite being commercially available since the 1950s, double-paned windows only started to be widely used in residences in the 1970s. Nowadays, both new construction and replacement windows must include double-paned windows. In areas with severe weather, triple-paned windows are occasionally advised for optimal insulation.

What Is a Double-Paned Window, Exactly?

A double-paned window contains two glass panes sandwiched by a frame and an air pocket to improve a room’s insulation. It may also go by a double-glazed window or insulating glass unit (IGU).

Double-Paned Windows’ Benefits

Glass can seal and maintain a barrier from the outside, even though it isn’t an excellent thermal insulator. Double-paned windows are a clear advantage for a home’s energy efficiency because they act as a stronger barrier against outside temperatures than single-paned windows.

An inert (safe and non-reactive) gas, argon, krypton, or xenon, is frequently used to fill the space between the glass panes of double-paned windows. Despite costing more than air-filled windows, gas-filled windows are much more comfortable for your home. The three types of gas that window makers like:

  • Argon is a common and most affordable type of gas.
  • Krypton is typically used in triple-paned windows because it performs best within extremely thin gaps.
  • Xenon is a cutting-edge insulating gas that costs the most and is not as commonly used for residential applications.

A Simple Way To Know If You Have A Single Or Double-Paned Window

The simplest way to determine if your windows are single- or double-paned is to hold anything up to the glass, like a pen or pencil, until you see a reflection. If you only see one object’s reflection, your window is single-paned. The object’s two reflections reveal a double-paned window.

Guidelines to Increase Window Efficiency

Despite their excellent design, double- and triple-paned windows may always be made to lose less energy. The following advice will help you increase your windows’ efficiency:

Use thermal curtains: Drawing thick curtains over the windows at night greatly increases the R-value of the windows.

Add window insulation film: You can use adhesive to attach your personal, transparent, thin plastic film to the window trim. A hairdryer’s application of heat will tighten the film.

Weatherproofing: Older windows could have microscopic fissures or be starting to widen around the framing. These issues allowed chilly air to enter the house. These leaks can be stopped by using silicone caulk made for the outdoors.

Replace any cloudy windows because the seals between the two panes of glass have broken and gas has spilled out. In most cases, replacing the entire window is the best option to restore your room’s energy efficiency.

Having Problems?

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